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Inns in Praia Grande SC with Comfort and Refinement

In an increasingly fast-paced and digitalized world, finding moments of peace and tranquility becomes essential for well-being. Accommodation in nature, which offers comfort and refinement, provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the hectic routine and reconnect with the essence of life. Here are some compelling reasons to choose this type of lodging for your next getaway.

Deep connection with the Canyons

Staying in a natural environment allows for an authentic connection with nature, revitalizing the spirit with birdsong, fresh air and panoramic views. This closeness reduces stress, improves mood and increases happiness and satisfaction.

Comfort and refinement

Accommodations offer comfort and refinement, providing luxurious accommodation with elegant design and modern amenities. Comfortable beds, high-quality bedding, sophisticated bathrooms and well-decorated spaces guarantee a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Sustainability and environmental awareness

They adopt sustainable practices, such as renewable energy and responsible waste management, protecting the environment and offering a conscious and rewarding experience. Knowing that your stay has a positive impact on the environment increases guest satisfaction and purpose.

Privacy and Exclusivity

These accommodations in the Canyons offer privacy and exclusivity that are difficult to find in urban accommodations. With few housing units, they provide a more personal and peaceful experience, creating the incomparable feeling of being in a private refuge, away from the crowds and noise.

Here are some tips for hotels in Praia Grande SC:

Morada dos Canyons Group (Chalets and Spa)

Morada dos Canyons, located between Praia Grande - SC and Cambará do Sul - RS, in Serra do Faxinal, offers comfortable accommodation with privileged views of the canyons and the coast, at 650m altitude. In addition, it has a variety of common areas open all year round. Morada Spa offers suites, massage rooms, swimming pool, exclusive restaurant, library, gym and saunas. Highlights include two panoramic viewpoints and private viewpoints or balconies in all chalets.

Alvor House

Alvor offers a unique and authentic experience, located amidst the sublime landscapes of our region. This intimate and unique space was created to provide days of genuine rest. Reconnect with life, take time to contemplate and feel the environment around you. Located in the Alvorada neighborhood, in the interior of Praia Grande, SC, the property extends over 30,000 m² and has just four houses, guaranteeing privacy and exclusivity. In addition to the large private space in each house, guests have access to a shared outdoor living area, which includes a lake, hammocks, beach tennis court, bocce court, fire pit and vegetable garden.

Caete Reserve

Reserva Caeté offers a unique experience where nature, privacy and comfort come together. Located in a stunning setting, the guesthouse combines natural charm with the sophistication of high-standard accommodation. Enjoy birdsong when you wake up and magnificent sunsets in the evening, with starry nights. The chalets are equipped with modern amenities and the guesthouse offers a private pool overlooking the Malacara Canyon. Located in an area of ​​preserved nature, it is perfect for tranquility and contact with nature. Practicing organic farming adds an authentic and sustainable dimension to the experience. Reserva Caeté is an ideal refuge to escape the urban rhythm and enjoy memorable moments of relaxation and connection with nature.

Choosing accommodation in the Capital of Canyons with comfort and refinement is a decision that brings countless benefits to the body, mind and spirit. It's an opportunity to slow down, reconnect with nature, enjoy luxury and comfort, and create lasting memories. Whether for a romantic getaway, a family trip or a personal retreat, these lodgings offer a unique experience that revitalizes and enriches life.

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