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Most of the tours in Aparados da Serra are in National Parks or on private properties that are obliged to follow environmental control standards. These rules include limits on vacancies per day and also per time. All of this means that tour spaces are limited every day of the year. Booking in advance and paying for tours in advance is the only way to guarantee places on your desired tours.

If you prefer not to commit and do it on arrival or day to day during the trip, it may be that:

1. You cannot get a place on the desired tours;

2. If you get places, they are at less favorable times or don't fit in well with other tours.

Avoid these situations by confirming your itinerary before arriving. At Canyons do Sul, in addition to guaranteeing your tours, by closing early you also gain a lot of convenience, as the vouchers will be issued and prepared to be at the hotel waiting for you when you arrive!

Se preferir não se comprometer e fazer na chegada ou dia a dia durante a viagem, pode ser que:
1. Você não consiga vaga nos passeios desejados;
2. Caso consiga vagas, elas sejam em horários menos favoráveis ou que não casam bem com outros passeios.

Evite estas situações confirmando seu roteiro antes de chegar. Na Canyons do Sul, além de garantir seus passeios, fechando antes você também ganha muita praticidade, pois os vouchers serão emitidos e preparados para estar no hotel lhe aguardando quando você chegar!


To reserve activities, it is necessary to forward the following data: full name, CPF, date of birth and city of origin of all participants, as well as make an advance deposit of 50% of the total value (for packages and trails), and 15% of the reservation value for balloon flights. The remaining payment for both will be made on the day of the activities, and can be made in cash or card.


After payment confirmation, vouchers relating to contracting the service will be sent, proving the reservation. Once you confirm your reservation, you will also receive tips on what to bring, itineraries on what to do, restaurant tips and places on the way here that are worth a stop!

Métodos de pagamento
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  • Bank transfer

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