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The Caminho dos Cânions do Sul Geopark Tourist Development Project is an initiative by Sebrae, in partnership with city halls, entities and local institutions, which aims to qualify and integrate the region's tourist products and services, valuing the geological, natural and cultural heritage . ​

Georrota Canyons do Sul is one of the results of this project.

Discover the Caminho dos Canions do Sul Geopark

The UNESCO World Geopark Caminhos dos Cânions do Sul seeks to boost the economic development of the region and generate opportunities for a better future for its inhabitants, through the valorization of natural and cultural heritage and sustainable tourism. Get to know the region and be surprised by the charms of the Caminhos dos Cânions do Sul UNESCO World Geopark.

Discover the Caminhos dos Cânions do Sul Geopark and allow yourself to be immersed in a unique experience, where time seems to slow down and the vision extends to infinity. This is the perfect place to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with your essence. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn and teach, while every step awakens all your senses. An authentic work of art of nature, where lines and colors reveal themselves in stunning and unparalleled landscapes.

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