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  • Where is Praia Grande - SC located near?
    We are 21 km from BR101, about 36km from the city center of Torres (RS), and 127km from Gramado (RS), 40km from Cambara do Sul (RS), and 270km from Florianópolis (SC). Most of the attractions for exploring the region come from Praia Grande (SC), such as the Rio do Boi Trail, Malacara Canyon Trail, Morro dos Cabritos, Canyon Índios Coroados and Canyon Itaimbezinho. Not to mention the balloon flights that take place in Praia Grande (SC).
  • How to get to the Canyons?
    The best access to get to know the interior of the Canyons is the city of Praia Grande (SC), and the top of the Canyons is via the SC290, known as Serra do Faxinal, the path is a dirt road with some asphalt sections, however There are a series of viewpoints with beautiful views of the canyons, which makes up for the road.
  • Does Praia Grande SC have a beach?
    Our seas are made of rivers, and our waves are made of stones. Praia Grande does not have a sea beach, but it has a lot of river beaches, which are formed by the rocks that fall from the canyons through the waterfalls and rivers that cut through these valleys and mountains.
  • What to do in Praia Grande SC at night?
    In Praia Grande we have several options of restaurants, bars and a beautiful square, it is always a good option to do. At the end of the year, between November and December, Christmas dos Canyons takes place in the city, where there are artistic attractions almost every night, as well as the Craft Beer Festival at the beginning of December.
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