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Aparados Kids - Ecotourism with children

Traveling to ecotourism destinations with children may generate hesitation, but it is a valuable experience for child development and guaranteed fun for the whole family. Outdoor activities promote closer contact between parents and children, in addition to providing benefits for everyone's health and well-being.

In the Southern Canyons, for example, there are a variety of options to explore nature, from trails and waterfalls to horseback riding and balloon flights. Even for those who are not so adventurous, there are lighter activities, such as picnics and walks along the edge of the canyons.

It is important to plan activities taking into account children's schedules and needs, making strategic stops so they can rest and continue enjoying the trip without stress. Private tours may be better suited to families with young children as they allow for a more flexible pace.

Furthermore, it is essential to be prepared for local conditions, such as bringing insect repellent, a hat and clothing suitable for the weather. Meeting wild animals, swimming in natural pools and exploring the forest are unique opportunities for children, providing moments of discovery and learning.

Thinking about all this, we at Agência Receptiva Canyons do Sul decided to create the Aparados Kids Guide, in which you have access to information and photos of the tours, access the link below.

In short, family ecotourism is an enriching experience that creates lasting memories and strengthens family bonds.

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