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2024 is the year that Canyons do Sul turns 15

Since the 90s, we have been immersed in the exciting world of ecotourism and adventure tourism in the stunning landscapes of the Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Parks. In an iconic moment in 1998, we witnessed the pioneering formation of the first group of local guides, dedicated to enriching the journey of visitors who choose to explore this extraordinary area. Since then, it has been continuously invested in training programs, aiming to promote the sustainable and economic development of this unique region.

These trainings not only trained local guides, but also catalyzed the emergence of a new profession and paved the way for a wide range of business opportunities around the National Parks. We are witnessing a vibrant transformation, where environmental preservation and economic progress are harmoniously intertwined, offering tangible benefits to both the local community and visitors seeking an authentic immersion in nature.

With the growing tourist movement and the need to organize the still initial demand, Canyons do Sul emerged in 2009. One of the visionary founders, Edimiter Aguiar Thereza, noticed the advancement of internet access at the time and saw the opportunity to establish a travel agency. virtual tourism, capable of meeting the needs of travelers looking to explore our region. These visitors were looking not only for accommodation and food services, but also for the expertise of local guides to explore our spectacular Canyons.

Our mission at Canyons do Sul is to provide a complete and memorable experience to our customers, connecting them conveniently and effectively with the natural and cultural wonders of the region. From the beginning, we have taken an innovative approach, leveraging the digital tools available to offer personalized services and ensuring that each visit is truly unique.

The history of Canyons do Sul is marked by pioneering spirit and commitment to sustainability. From the beginning, it stood out as one of the precursors of this business model in the region, demonstrating an innovative and conscious approach.

Agency headquarters ready on Rua Abel Esteves de Aguiar in 2012
Agency headquarters ready on Rua Abel Esteves de Aguiar in 2012

The headquarters of Canyons do Sul is a tangible testimony to this commitment. Built later using bioconstruction techniques, it reflects not only the entrepreneurial vision of Edimiter Aguiar Thereza, but also the collective effort of close people, such as Paulão (Edimiter's father-in-law) and Aline (Edimiter's cousin), who came together to transform this vision into reality. With the help of friends and family, they built a space that not only housed the agency, but also represented a landmark of harmony with the environment.

Agency headquarters being built in bioconstruction
Agency headquarters being built in bioconstruction

However, in 2016, this space was torn down to make way for a new project by Edimiter: Grota Bier, the first beer in Brazil made with water from the Canyons. This movement reflects the constant desire for innovation and growth, remaining faithful to the values of sustainability and integration with nature.

Canyons do Sul found a new headquarters, now attached to Pousada Itaimbé, further expanding its operations. This new phase is a testament to the company's resilience and ability to adapt, continuing to offer unique and authentic experiences to its customers. And so it was until the turn of 2017 to 2018.

STAFF Canyons do Sul and Pousada Itaimbé
STAFF Canyons do Sul and Pousada Itaimbé

From 2009 to 2020, Canyons do Sul was led by Mith (Edimiter), but with the arrival of the pandemic, Aline and Letícia, his wife, decided to take a bold step: they left their jobs to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. They talked to Edimiter about Canyons do Sul and decided to take over the tourism agency. With a solid customer base and positive feedback, they had already established an exceptional reputation over the years, working in partnership with local guides, inns, restaurants and tour groups from all over Brazil and abroad.

Leticia Figueiredo and Aline Aguiar
Leticia Figueiredo and Aline Aguiar

Upon taking over Canyons do Sul in 2020, Aline and Letícia drew up a comprehensive business plan, redesigned the website and redesigned the agency's visual identity, with the collaboration of talented designer Jennifer Toledo. The goal was to preserve the essential aspects that made Canyons do Sul so special, while updating its image to reflect its commitment to excellence and innovation.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Canyons do Sul emerged even stronger and more resilient. Currently, the agency is back at its own headquarters on Rua Irineu Bornhausen, in the heart of Praia Grande, on the street from the charming Igreja Matriz São Sebastião. Here, we continue to honor the legacy that began in the company's humble origins, in the bedroom of Mith and Aline's grandmother's house, but now with a much more professional and promising approach. We are excited to continue delivering memorable and authentic experiences to our customers as we write the next chapter of this exciting journey.

And it is with this vision of the future that we aim to reach not just 20, 25 or 30 years, but many decades ahead! Our commitment is to keep the essence of making a difference alive in a destination that is now recognized worldwide as part of the UNESCO World Geopark territory, known as the Southern Canyons Trail.

We are determined to continue improving our services, promoting sustainable development and preserving the beauty and integrity of this unique region. With the trust and support of our customers and partners, we are ready to face the challenges and celebrate the achievements that the future holds.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to write the story of the Canyons do Sul!

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