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How to get to Praia Grande - SC

Discover the main ways to get to Praia Grande, Santa Catarina, the Capital of Canyons.

Praia Grande is located in the extreme south of Santa Catarina, right on the border with Rio Grande do Sul. We are approximately 21 km from BR101, and 36km from Torres (RS) and 110km from Criciúma (SC). In the region, there is some confusion as to which is the easiest way to get here, due to its proximity to Cambará do Sul (RS), the easiest route ends up being to come via the Coast for those coming from Porto Alegre (RS), around 230 km from here, like those coming through Florianópolis (SC), around 270km away from Praia Grande.

Easy and peaceful access to the Canyons

Due to this ease of access to BR101 and being between the two largest airports in southern Brazil, Praia Grande ends up being a great option for those who want to discover the Canyons of Southern Brazil.

For those coming by plane

Humberto Ghizzo Bortoluzzi Airport (Jaguaruna-SC)

The closest airport to the region is in the city of Jaguaruna, approximately 127km from here, with a travel time of 1h20min. It has flights with daily departures from Campinas and Vira Copos via São Paulo, and Curitiba in Paraná. To get from the Airport to Praia Grande you have three options, rent a car from one of the airport rental companies, taxi or hire a transfer with us (rate with special values for customers).

Florianópolis International Airport - Hercílio Luz (SC)

The airport is approximately 300 km from Praia Grande (SC), heading towards BR101 south, with an average travel time between 3:30 am and 4:00 am. With the option of traveling via bus via the Florianópolis bus terminal, taking a bus to Criciúma, and from there a bus to Praia Grande (SC); by hiring an airport taxi service, or one of our private airport transfer services.

Salgado Filho International Airport - Porto Alegre (RS)

Porto Alegre is 230 km from Praia Grande, and has one of the airports with the longest flight times to come to the South of Brazil, and also from other countries. Mainly from the southern region of South America. The estimated travel time is 02:30h to 03:00h taking BR101 heading north. To get from there to Praia Grande, we have three options, being the hiring of a #private transfer through Canyons do Sul, a taxi from the airport or a bus that passes at 5:50 pm at the airport terminal and comes to the city of Sombrio (SC) in value of R$74.00 from there, you can take a private transfer hired by the agency or taxi.

In Praia Grande (SC), it is worth remembering that we do not have public transport, nor #UBER in the city. Most of the activities already include transportation from the accommodation. If you need a taxi, we will be happy to provide you with one.

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